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Practice Photos

the best way to learn makeup and perfect it, is to PRACTICE. everyday i do my own makeup, i am practicing. some days i love how it comes out, others i know i could have done better. Either way , i take photos of my own makeup/work everyday. not only to share with you, but also its the best way to keep track of my progress and see how far I've come, and how every day there is room for improvement. Ive been told i shouldn't include "practice" photos on my professional web sight because they are not considered "professional". I on the other hand think its important for my clients and people looking to work with me to see. I have no limitations or restrictions when i am working on myself, and this is a great way for everyone to see my personal style, my creativity and things i am capable of. i really hope you all appreciate this, and hopefully see all my silliness, creativity and most of all my personality through my "practice photos"  -Michaela Kayz